If being an adventurous problem-solver who’s driven by curiosity, spurred by teamwork, inspired by the different, and passionate about having a positive impact is part of your DNA, a career at Internet Solutions is for you. Our business is firmly rooted in the ethos of connecting people. We know that when we create just one connection, it’s a powerful moment that fuels the ability to make a positive change. Our company was founded with the best technical skills in the market and people who understood how the Internet could shape the future of South African communities. Technology has, and always will be, at our core. But from day one we knew we needed to attract the best talent on the African continent, across all disciplines, if we wanted to continually find ways of ensuring that more and more people could experience the rewards of the Internet. This is why, over the years, we’ve brought together some of the best technical, creative, scientific and business talent in our industry, people who could see and take advantage of advances in technology – and why we still do.
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